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About Kieta Nuij

The bronze statues of Kieta Nuij (Heerlen 1960) are characterized by a distinctive visual language. The combination of form and texture, she uses, it commits extremes: the images are crude and refined, quiet and moving, intact and drawn. Many of the materials used are marked by the ravages of time: pieces of rope, jute, rags. Transformed into bronze, they reveal the beauty hidden deep within them. This method is an expression of the miracle of the eternal cycle: the life that takes an end to new life generation. The themes are often archetypal and timeless in that sense.

The inner picture made visible, tangible. The reflection of the soul. Silenced motion, grace, beauty, and at the same time tension, struggle, the raw aspect of experience in life. This is exemplified in the work of Kieta Nuij.